Fun Event Planning – Make It Fun

Many people live by the philosophy that if you make something you are passionate about into your job, then your job doesn’t feel like hard work. No matter what you do, there is probably going to be days that are harder than other days. However, by being passionate about event planning you can make it a more enjoyable job from day to day. Let’s take a look at how you can put some more fun into your event planning.

Fun Event Plan - Make It Fun

Put you best into every event.

Job satisfaction is a key part of fun event planning. By putting 100% effort into every job, you will not only raise the quality of your work, but you are going to enjoy your work a lot more. This positive attitude will also rub off on your clients and colleagues, making the people around you fun to work with as well.

Build Excitement.

The beauty of event planning is that you are often building a special occasion for someone. Whether it’s a wedding or graduation party, most events have a special meaning for a group of people. With that in mind, be excited to be apart of that special occasion. Remind your colleagues that as a team you are helping dreams come to life and to be excited about creating something to be proud of. This excitement will make event planning fun and interesting.

Decrease Stress.

While a certain amount of pressure may actually make a job fun, being overwhelmed with stress is never fun. Put measures in place to guarantee that stress does not take away from your event planning being enjoyable. For instance, to-do-lists are a great method for establishing priorities for yourself, while at the same time putting your client’s minds to rest that things are getting done. Looking after your own health is also a key part of maintaining a fun work life. After all, if you are not feeling healthy how will you ever enjoy yourself?

Sometimes the success of an event will also ride on the advertisement. Fun and creative signs can be a key part of your event marketing campaign. For more information on how to utilize signs for your next event, be sure to check out our article on “Signs for your event in Edmonton” for more information.

By making event planning fun, you are able to cultivate your own happiness, the happiness of those around you, increase job satisfaction and actually improve your quality of work. Be sure to apply these simple ideas to your event planning job.

Tourist Attractions in Edmonton

Edmonton is home to a wide variety of attractions and great things to do. There are activities for people with all different interests and of all different ages. If you are visiting Edmonton you may want to check out the following tourist locations.
The Edmonton Telus World of Science.
Telsu World of ScienceThis attraction is a great attraction for everyone; from toddlers to adults, the whole family is guaranteed to enjoy the Telus World of Science. The exhibits are a far cry from your high school chemistry class and are designed to make science fun. This science center includes an Imax theatre that showcases a range of interesting films. Visit for more information, directions and opening hours.
An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Game.
It is no surprise that as one of the biggest cities in Canada there is a large ice hockey following in Edmonton. The Oilers are the cities franchise team and play regularly at home throughout the hockey season. Recently the team has found a new home at the Edmonton Rogers Place arena. In this new and modern facility you can watch a game and catch the contagious vibe of the fanatic Oilers fans as they cheer their team on. To find out more about game times and ticket prices, check out
The West Edmonton Mall.
Galaxyland in the West Edmonton Mall
This shopping mall lays claim to the title of the largest shopping center in the Northern Hemisphere, which is nothing to be scoffed at considering it competes with centers in some of the largest cities in the world. However, the reality is that it is not just a shopping centre. Within in the centre you can find Galaxyland, the world’s largest indoor theme park, along with a waterpark and a marine park. The West Edmonton Mall really has something for everyone. For more information visit their official web page at
As you can see from just these three attractions, Edmonton is a diverse and fun city that is waiting to be explored. Whether you are visiting Edmonton to see friends or family, passing through on a road trip or specifically visiting to see what the city has to offer be sure to check out these great attractions.

Fun Things to do in Edmonton

The capital city of Alberta, Canada is the bustling metropolis of Edmonton. It is the fifth largest city in Canada and one of the biggest cities in the far north of the North American continent. Every year thousands of travelers and tourists visit Edmonton and enjoy what the city has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the fun things to do in the city of Edmonton.

Downtown Edmonton

There is no shortage of retail therapy in Edmonton. In fact, the city may well best be known for its vast array of shopping malls. Most famous of these shopping malls is the West Edmonton Mall, which boasts the title of the biggest shopping center in the whole of North America. The shopping center features a rollercoaster, waterpark, ice rink and marine park, among other attractions. The West Edmonton Mall provides a fun outing that the whole family can enjoy.

The West Edmonton Mall

Canadian residents are very well known for their love of ice hockey, and the habitants of Edmonton are no exception. Depending on your preferences, one of the most enjoyable activities in Edmonton could be catching an Edmonton Oilers hockey game while a rival is in town. The energy of a crowd at an ice hockey game is contagious, even if hockey is not your favourite sport.

Edmonton offers a rich nightlife for people of all walks of life, including a bustling stand-up comedy scene. Be sure to keep an eye out for advertisements or visit the comedy clubs around town to check out some of the local or visiting talents. Edmonton is also home to various comedy festivals that might interest you, depending on what time of year you are visiting.

While this list is mainly focused on the attractions that the city of Edmonton itself has to offer, it would be amiss not to mention that Edmonton can be a springboard location for trips to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, on the border of Alberta and British Columbia. It can take as little as four hours to drive from the city of Alberta to the famous town of Banff, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

In summary, Edmonton is a modern city that has many attractions for visitors and people traveling through to other Canadian cities. Be sure to check out the great sights and attractions of Edmonton and its surrounding regions.